Wild California King Salmon - Refreshed

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Wild California King Salmon Season has been cancelled in response to drastic fish population declinesPacific Fishery Management Council -- which regulates fisheries in California, Oregon and Washington -- canceled the salmon season from the Oregon border to Mexico to help the population recover.

Don't worry, we have FAL Wild California King Salmon from the 2022 Season that is refreshed and ready to add to your next dish! Amazing taste in addition to being great for our bodies, rich in omega 3 fatty acids which aids brain development, a strong immune system, and many other health benefits.

With succulent full-flavored high fat content and large, soft textured flakes, the California King Salmon is perfect for grilling, baking, or sautéing - making it highly sought-after! 

  • Fillet, Skin On
  • FAL 2022 Season
  • Central Coast, CA
  • Pricing per pound
  • Available with a Cedar Plank