Retail Store Prepared Items

Our retail store located at 117 Harbor Way, #A, Santa Barbara
includes various delicious prepared salads, sauces, and sashimi trays: 


Sashimi, Poke, Uni Trays,

Shucked Urchin & Oysters

Live Santa Barbara Sea Urchin

Shucked Live Santa Barbara Urchin $14.95 Each 

Trays of Shucked Urchin Must be Ordered at Retail Market

Shucking usually starts around noon - Subject to Availability
Only Available at Retail Market


40gm Trays Santa Barbara Urchin $15.95 Each 

 Subject to Availability
Only Available at Retail Market




We usually have 2-3 Varieties of Live Oysters
$0.50 Cent Shucking Fee per Oyster, Range $1.40 - $2.50 Each
Shucking usually starts at noon - Subject to Availability

Sashimi Trays 

Prices Vary - Usually Available on Weekends at Retail




Ahi Tuna Poke



Wakame Seaweed Salad


Calamari Salad

Squid Salad


Octopus Salad


As well as  our homemade tartar sauce, Cocktail Sauce and crab cakes.