Our Wholesale Team and Shipping Department Crew.


Retail Manager Paco Espiritu, Marketing Manager Erika Tai James, 4th Generation Fish Monger Sienna Castagnola, Vice President Laszlo Nemeth.

Sienna Castagnola holding a Local Halibut and Jane Krautman holding a Black Cod. 



Fishmonger Jon holding up a Scottish Salmon and Pat showing some Shucked Uni and Sliced Sashimi.

Fishmonger Noah holding a beautiful piece of Yellowtail in front of the case.

Amaro bringing your Home Deliveries to your door.

Long time employee and Local Fisherman Jacob Tacoma with Deliveries.



Pancho is one of our fastest Cutters and has been working with us for years!

 Aaron is Vice President of Wholesale and handles purchasing.



Delfino picking up Local Vermillion and Sam showing us a Local Spiny Lobster from his catch aboard FV Victoria.

Suzy is one of our cutters and slicing up a Local Swordfish.

Roman showing off a beautiful California King Salmon.