Our Fishermen - Harry Liquornik

Meet Harry Liquornik, a veteran sea urchin diver and Santa Barbara Fish Market supplier.  Harry has been a commercial fisherman for 36 years, starting with abalone diving in 1988 and then urchin diving soon after.  He spent the first 15 years of his fishing career spending summers in Alaska working on salmon boats between urchin seasons.  Harry has owned and operated his 30’ Radon boat, the Abreojos, since 1993.  He has been one of our most loyal and reliable urchin suppliers for 10 years, allowing us to provide quality, local seafood to you!

In the late 90s, Harry estimated that approximately 90% of Santa Barbara sea urchin was sold overseas.  Within the last decade, that number has almost flipped, to around 90% of sea urchin being sold domestically!  

We asked Harry what he felt the benefit of having a local seafood market to sell to was, his answer was, “Definitely the consistency.  I am able to sell my urchin year round to the [Fish] Market, with none of the price drops that selling to overseas markets entails.  The rise in sushi markets and local interest has been very beneficial to my business.”

We appreciate Harry and his incredible product, and we plan on maintaining our relationship with him!