White Seabass

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White Seabass is a flaky white fish with a smooth and mild flavor. More flavorful than Halibut, White Seabass taste great grilled, baked or pan-fried. The flesh cooks up pale as milk, firm and meaty. The fillets are thick but the taste is mild and lovely.  You can serve white seabass to family members who don't want their fish to taste fishy, and you can prepare it without worrying that cooking it for a couple of minutes too long is going to result in a dried-out dinner.  It's perfect for the grill, great seared in a pan, broiled or even slow-cooked on the barbecue. And, if you are looking to improvise, it pairs well with sweet flavors, from citrus juices to mango to honey. 

  • Skin On
  • Wild Caught, Baja California
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