Premium Ocean Trout (Steelhead) - Fillet

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Skye Steelhead begins it’s life cycle on land in “Zero Waste” closed containment recirculating tanks. Only the most pristine Scottish spring water is used to ensure the utmost quality & health of the fish. Once the trout reach maturity, they are then introduced into saltwater, thus making them a true sea trout, also known as Steelhead.  

Skye Steelhead is loved by chefs for not only it’s superior flavor & texture when cooked, but also it’s versatility for different dishes, such as sashimi/crudo raw applications and cold & hot smoked.  

  • Premium Sushi Grade
  • Skin on
  • Sustainably Farmed, Northwest Isles, Scotland 
  • Pricing per pound
  • Vacuum Packed, 1lb. Portions


Sustainable aquaculture practices, antibiotic-free. Powerful currents surging clean water through the sites constantly. Farm sites are rotated & lay fallow to ensure a clean seabed before the next cycle. 3rd party audits; sustainability, husbandry, water quality, environmental impact. 3rd party certified by Global GAP (Good Aquaculture Practices) & RSPCA Freedom Foods.