Cooked Alaskan Octopus in Olive Oil & Fresh Herbs

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Introducing our newest product made in-house at the Santa Barbara Fish Market; Cooked Alaskan Octopus in Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs.

This Alaskan octopus is wild-caught by a single fisherman, Captain Dustan on his vessel the Raven Bay out of Dutch Harbor, AK. It is the only green-rated "Best Choice" octopus by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program. 

The wild-caught Pacific Octopus is grilled over an open flame, seasoned to perfection, then sliced thin and blended with extra virgin olive oil and a variety of fresh herbs and spices, before being jarred to lock in all the flavors. 

This is a fully-cooked, ready-to-eat product, but we recommend briefly warming it in a pan before consuming. It is also an excellent addition to salads, served with chips, crackers, or as a stand-alone appetizer.

  • Grilled over Open Flame, then Sliced Thin
  • Giant Pacific Octopus
  • Dutch Harbor, AK
  • Pot Caught
  • Capt. Dustan Dickerson
  • Fishing Vessel: Raven Bay
  • 8oz. Glass Jars